ArjavaYoga, Norway.




In this performance-focused society, ArjavaYoga wants to offer a respite where you can experience yoga in an accepting and relaxed atmosphere. Away from demands and pressure. Where you can explore your inner and outer landscape through your own experience of yoga.


Whether you want more inner peace, healthier muscles and joints, better balance or less stress, or all of the above, ArjavaYoga welcomes you in and hope you will have a good experience of what yoga can offer.  


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Dont do anything...

What if someone said to you: dont do anything...
Don't even try to breathe...because the body is breathing by itself, automatically. And another amazing thing; the air that is breathing you, might, at one time, have been to the other side of the universe, part of the greater cosmos, now thats an amazing thought!? 


What if you could just totally relax...?

Without labeling...
Without labeling your thoughts / feelings as negative / positive.
What about total acceptance of all that is you?
Whatever you have been through in life, whatever you have done / not done, wherever you come from, you have great potential.
If you find that you have some limitations physically or mentally, it doesn't have to be an obstacle in your yoga, it's there to teach you something. Maybe you need time, need no one pushing you. Need to take things at your own pace, find your own way?


ArjavaYoga offers yoga-sessions in Norway, not far from Oslo (the capital) We offer a varity of yoga, from slow yoga, to flowyoga, meditation and workshops, all with focus on presence and mindfulness so you can become closer to your own essence and potential.     

Yoga in life



You are the sky, everything else is just the weather... 



Regular yoga practice, practiced with calmness and presence, may possibly help a little along the way, finding moments of calm, more mobile joints, healthier muscles, better balance, moments of clarity as well as healthier reactions to situations that happen around us and inside. And not least, possibly experiencing more acceptance, in relation to others, yourself, and in life in general. You can even become closer in contact with your own essence, your own power and your own potential. But it is you who must walk the path, find your own answers, no teacher or "guru" can do this for you, you have to do it yourself, your way. The teacher can show the way, but you have to do the work.
Thit is not to say when you start with yoga and self-development, everything will suddenly be going smoothly and falling into place. It can be both challenging and deep, it can even be a lonely affair. You can become more aware of your lifestyle, what you eat, you may start to want to set boundaries whereas you havent previously. You may need to know bravery and patience. It's an inner journey. You may have to become a little bit dedicated to reap the benefits of the full spectrum of yoga.  








Arjava = honesty, justice, integrity and authenticity. 

Being honest comes from knowing yourself and what you know is true to you. When we cultivate Arjava, our inner truth finds its way from us to those around us, then we create a more accepting and relaxed atmosphere.



How do we cultivate Arjava in our yoga practice?

You have the opportunity to be honest with yourself by respecting and honoring your body and mind... or you can choose to ignore the body's signals. For example, let's say you have limited movement of the hip joint, or another joint, you know the weakness, but defy the body's signals by going deeper into the position than you know you can, signals such as sharp pain, discomfort, compression-feeling, this is not Arjava.

You practice Arjava if you do not try to push yourself beyond your limit. If you take it easy, do yoga with presence, listen to the body and adjust yourself to the position. When you practice Arjava, you will have better effect and experience of your yoga practice. The same goes for life in general, practice being true to yourself as much as possible.   



Hello! I am Vibeke, CEO of ArjavaYoga.




My qualifications as well as "the school of life", are mediyoga-instructor, yinyang-yoga teacher, holistic therapist and mindfulness coach (zencoaching) Have been running my own yoga groups for 5 years now, i have also worked as a reflexologist, coach and socialworker. I have  have worked with people of all ages in different life situations. Have lived many years in England, where i have worked and done some education, (counselor / advisor and holistic-therapist). My sons, who are now 13 and 22 were born in England, me too, almost 50 years ago, in London, but grew up in Norway / Oslo. Like many of us, I have also had some challenges in life. Positive changes began to happen when I started with yoga and mindfulness. I could feel more peace and less unhealthy reactions. Stronger body and more energy. More conscious about health and nutrition. I am passionate about sharing yoga and mindfulness further. My Zen coaching education (2011) was really the start of this particular journey. A powerful and important education where I really had to face myself in a real and deep way. During such an education one also experiences powerful and genuine meetings with other fellow human beings. It was like coming home ...


This, combined with yoga, has been, and continiues to be my tools when life presents its challenges. 


It is with this background i offer yoga to you as a participant.




Om shanti


Arjava and yinyang In life.



ArjavaYoga's philosophy:

Learn to live a bit more "in the moment". Happiness comes and goes, nothing lasts forever. Age comes to us all, it's not to be avoided. What about accepting change? Stop labeling thoughts, stop judging yourself if you dont always manage to think positive thoughts. How about being content with the small and meaningful moments, true presence with yourself, and with others, beautiful nature, calm and quiet, gratitude that we have a body we can experience good things with, without having to push it too hard, chasing after "perfect" never stopping !?  

What about stopping? listen to the wind? to the birds, breathe deeply and calmly, really take in how beautiful the sky can be, winter twilight. Look with new eyes on the same old things?
Mindfulness: Experience the full range of thoughts and feelings without judging, but also without identifying with them. You are not your thoughts and feelings. They are visiting. Manifesting kindness and acceptance to the guests that are your thoughts and feelings?

You're not what happened to you...
Balance / yinyang in life, promotes quality of life.

How will you know the light without the dark? 

How will you know happiness without sorrow? 


Overdoing anything is not good. Say you like exercise so much so that you do it all the time, you run, you are active, always using lots of energy. All your exercise is about high tempo most of the day, most of the time. This is not balance, you can get burnt out. The body needs to restore. The opposite is not good either, never any excercise. But it is possible to have balance through moderation, not overdoing anything. This goes for anything is life, not just exercise. 




Lately the gong has entered my life. I see the gong as a wonderful instrument for relaxation and meditation. For body, mind and soul.
The gong has vibrating frequencies and overtones that act on the body's cells. It is said to act deeply and open blockages in the body, for free flow and relaxation, guaranteed a cosmic experience.
The gong is played in relaxation / savasana in anything from 10 minutes to 40 minutes.
ArjavaYoga currently has 2 gongs, an Asian wind gong (50 cm) but a powerful sound for its size and long vibrations. And a larger planet gong (70 cm) that has a wonderfully deep and mysterious sound.







Music and yoga


We sometimes hold yoga/music events.  


I have been a singersongwriter off and on for 30 years, my sound is ambient, mellow, raw, slow folkrock, now lately getting into making and playing/singing mantras. 

I cooperate with Sonolumin Music on some of these events. Here is the link to his amazing page: